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Who’s who on KMMT


Lovely Lisa

Lovely Lisa

DJ “Lovely Lisa” Meuret is program director for both KMMT and KRHV. A musician herself, she loves all kinds of music and adds a little alternative flavor to her playlist. her favorite thing is turning people onto music and vice versa.

Lovely Lisa

DJ Jesse Rae "Baby J"

Here in the flesh, no stress jess, aka Jesse Rea.

I love life, music, and adventures! Im an extroverted excentric guy who tries to spread positivity everywhere I go!
I enjoy snowboarding, watching sports, and spending time with my loved ones!

Just remember the grass is always greener on the other side!

Lovely Lisa


Abandoning her career as a successful event planner in LA, Jules moved to Mammoth in 2015 on a quest for the best quality of life. Officially making the switch from surfer to snowboarder (even though she’s done both since childhood) Jules now spends her time appreciating the paradise she lives in, working at the radio, teaching snowboarding, and private cheffing. Sounds great? It is!

Lovely Lisa

Dezi Dez aka Desiree

From beach to mountains… she wouldnt have it any other way! Mammoth local for close to 5 years now. Desiree is originally from the beachs of Orange County and a 405 HATER. She said heck w/the rat race and went for the fresh air!

Checking “radio personality” aka D.J. off her bucket list and loving it!!

“Music, all types, has and will always be a big part of ME!”

Lovely Lisa

John "Johnny" De Maria

“Appreciator of all music as a listener, guitarist, songwriter and air guitarist/air drummer. After all, who can resist playing air drums along with John Bonham and air guitar to one of David Gilmour’s solos?

Originally from a small town outside of Syracuse, New York, teen Rockstar dreams in England, music school at Berklee in Boston with a fun journey recording/touring and raising two daughters in Southern California. The Eastern Sierra is now Home. “Believe it if you need it, Baby, and then get out of your own way.”

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