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Rates Sheet

AAA Time 6AM – 10AM Monday thru Friday Sat – Sun 6AM – 1AM
Spot Length 1X 21X 28X 35X
60sec. $15.00 $14.75 $14.25 14.00
30sec. $14.00 $13.75 $13.25 13.00

AA Time 10AM – 3PM Monday thru Friday
Spot Length 1X 21X 28X 35X
60sec. $14.75 $14.25 $14.00 13.75
30sec. $13.75 $13.50 $13.25 13.00

AA Time 8PM – 6AM Monday thru Sunday
Spot Length 1X 21X 28X 35X
60sec. $13.25 $13.00 $12.75 12.50
30sec. $12.25 $12.00 $11.75 11.50
Package Plan

Total Audience:
14AAA, 14AA, 14A
(42 announcements per week)
60 seconds – $483.00 per week
30 seconds – $451.50 per weel

Contact Paul Payne for advertising! 760-934-8888 ext. 10

Agencies must provide Air Schedules and quality production at least 48 hours prior to broadcast.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Station or advertiser may cancel contracts with a 14-day written notice. All copy must be received at least 48 hours prior to broadcast. Billing will occur at end of advertising schedule or on the first day of each standard broadcast month. Bills are payable upon presentation and are delinquent 30 days after billing. A finance charge of 1½% per month (annual rate of 18%) will be charged on delinquent account. $.50 minimum. KMMT reserves the right to edit copy content and length. KMMT reserves the right to reject any advertiser or copy. All announcements are scheduled at the best times available within each time period. Fixed position announcements are at an additional cost. Rates are guaranteed for length of contract (max 1 year). If contract is not fulfilled, the rates will be adjusted retroactively to the best-earned rate. Order acceptance based on station’s time availability.


EEO FORM 396 2012

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